Patient Savings

Meridian Imaging accepts most insurance plans. With the high cost of healthcare, coupled with the rapid growth of high deductible health plans.  Meridian Imaging understands the meaning of value. We know cost is a concern along with receiving quality healthcare.  We perform all of our tests on American College of Radiology Accredited equipment, our physicians are Board Certified Radiologists and our technologists performing the exams hold higher certifications in radiology.

Meridian Imaging also believes that patients have a choice when it comes to their imaging needs. The cost of an imaging exam can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  Utilizing an outpatient center such as Meridian Imaging gives you access to rates that can be 2/3rds less than most.  Meridian Imaging provides outstanding imaging service at such a value.  If your physician refers you to a higher cost location, contact us and we will share our price points with you to compare. So let your physician know because we will provide you quality health care at a value!